The Fukushima Conspiracy Theory

There is one thing you should keep in mind about this, one thing only. Someone wants things to happen this way.

There was an international coalition to decide where the Olympics will be held.

There is an international coalition dealing with how to kill people in Syria.

There is an international coalition finding ways to blame people for climate change and determining ways to punish them through taxes.

Snowden, who revealed nothing new at all, drew months of international focus.

The EPA would descend on my house if I broke three Fluorescent light bulbs, but their contribution has been nothing at all.

There are international commissions looking into war crimes, poverty, oil spills and how chewing gum is made and sold.

Even if you are a nuclear apologist, it would seem the singular moral fiber left in you might agree that this is bad. Yet, the NRC and its members are eerily silent.

This Fukushima problem, even when seen through rose colored glasses, has no solution.

An INTERNATIONAL problem with no obvious solution usually finds its way to the UN in some form or another, but in this case the international scene is eerily quiet and this is for a reason – someone with more power then anyone known on earth wants things this way.

A china syndrome has already happened three times in this case and it is going to get worse. In November or early December, a nuclear explosion will go off that will be an amazing sight to see. SPF 4 will, in all likely hood, blow up, as there is no way this removal process can be done under the conditions that exist. Once that happens, the site will be abandoned forever. Olympics anyone, anyone, anyone?

When it does blow up, you will see what all of this end times preparation was for. I’m on record as saying it would happen last summer, and I was wrong, but I am sure it will happen before the end of the year.

Someone with the power want this to happen exactly how it is happening is making this happen.

Briefly. It was determined by those who are letting this happen, that this scenario needed to be created by the will of the people. There are two components that overlap and the plan is VERY long, but we’ll stick to the last 150 years.

First, you are going to have to accept that Freewill is the main issue here. It is Freewill that must always be dealt with. So in order for things to happen, we all have to agree to it. If you can’t accept this fact, nothing else I say will make much sense. We were tricked into using our Freewill to demand this fiasco.

Those in charge needed to introduce the nuclear destruction option to Earth – again. It happened before; edward teller after Hiroshima when asked if this was the first time use of a nuke said, “in modern times, yes.” After the last time, it was deemed that the planet would not be destroyed with nukes again, it would not wind up like Mars, or worse, the planet that is now asteroid belt. So those in charge had to find another way. They wanted nukes but we’d have to agree to them somehow.

Here is where component one comes in. The military folks were convinced that they needed nukes to protect the world – from external, ET attack. They could not talk about this, so they convinced the world they needed nuclear power! A PR campaign was created around “free and clean” and nuclear power was born. The dirty secret is the power would create material for bomb making for the military – the humans would pay a monthly power bill for their demise. All other possible forms of energy would be classified by the military until this transpired.

Next the plants were created – component two. With the will of the people to create power, those in charge encouraged the building of nuclear plants in obscene places and discouraged the proper disposal of the waste. There are THREE plants located around the Pacific Ocean in: Earthquake Zones, Tsunami Zones and Population Centers. Science tells us that if an accident happened in these places, there will be no issue at all of anyone – insert sarcasm. Three options for nuclear war without war without war were set up on the Ring of Fire. Get that?

The planet moves along just fine, until those same folks decided it was time. What I mean by “time” is there are things happening that are WAY beyond the scope of this rant.

The destruction of Fukushima was not a result of the wave, but as a result of the design. When it was designed at least one man quit due to this inherently flawed design. This was going to happen when it was built, the designers knew it. Much of the problem with Fukushima now is the weapons material in the building bowls and system designed to get it out – the dirty secret. Now that Fukushima happened, the EQUALLY failing San Onofre was decommissioned – not needed. In fact, the power from that plant was replaced shortly before it was decommissioned by another source.

When the mess happened, who was left in charge? The people who created the problem. Inexplicably the bankrupt company TEPCO was financially and morally in charge of the entire mess. Wait what? The company that caused the problem, the company with limited funds, the company with limited workers was left COMPLETELY in charge of all of it. At Chernobyl the military was involved. The PR here is funny, “The Japanese are proud people, that is why TEPCO is in charge.”

Now it is too late to deal with anything. Our Freewill led us here. We demanded nuclear power, free and clean, we demanded weapons to protect us from commies, and we demanded plants be built in the most insane places. All the while, the last 100ish years, radiation has been pouring into our consciousness expression – our bodies, from all the “testing” fallout and the waste – science tells us this is just fine.

Science took over here early, reducing the ENTIRE argument to “does it cause cancer or not?” They dare not broach the real issue; radiation destroys the ability of one to express their full consciousness through their body. It makes one weak, ill, confused, and causes one to spend too much energy on the basics of living instead of expressing their consciousness fully through their body. Accumulation of 100 years of it caused untold reduction in our true expression.

Earth, she’s alive! The radiation does immeasurable damage to her ability to express her soul self through the planet body as well.

As a whole, the planet, and the bodies on it, have been slowly poisoned over the last 100 years though the radiation from these plants. Science tells us a little isn’t a problem, but science avoids the big issue, “does 100 years of continuous radiation from fallout and waste hinder our ability, or Earth’s ability, to express our true nature?” Yes it does and there is no scientific measurement for this, each human has to determine this for themselves.

Someone wants it this way.

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