Debt Ceiling Debate? Why Does America, which can issue it’s own currency, need a higher debt with interest paid to a private bank?

The real unanswerable question about the entire debt ceiling debate.

The treasury has the ability to coin, and create currency free of interest.

So why do we need a higher debt ceiling and debt created payable to a private reserve, non federal, no reserve, privately owned banking group of individuals and families?

It’s amazing how things are always framed, and how people always discuss the subjects, the way they are told to discuss them.

You turn on the tel-u-a-vision, you are told it is between the red team and blue team.

You are told it is about healthcare, which is a tax, paid directly to the federal reserve.

Then all the head bankers of the entire country meet at the white house.

Why is it that people never ask the correct question, and expect a solution?

so, who defaults on their debt?

Does America a free nation default?

Or does a private family bank default?

Does the United States corporation collapse?

Or does a free America collapse, full of individual freedoms?

original source posted by GodFrequency