Are Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga the Same Person?

First rule of Fake Club:
Every president, tyrant, mind controlled celebrity/musician/actor dictator has many doubles and clones.

Second rule of Fake Club
When MSM (mainstream media) tell you one of these guys died, they faked their deaths to advance the hidden agenda of NWO or they want to start a new peaceful life.

Third rule of Fake Club
You don’t tell anyone about Fake club because nobody will believe you anyway.

I just had this revelation yesterday, when somehow I remembered that Amy Winehouse even existed (and apparently I’m not the first – type in ‘Lady GaGa Amy’ into google, and google will finish the sentence for you with “Lady Gaga Amy Winehouse SAME PERSON”).

They don’t play A.W.’s music at all anymore on any radio station that I’ve heard. Which is good. But something even worse has taken her place with Mr. GaGa

Mr. GaGa is a satanic gremlin from the bowls of Haites. His music is an act of violence against all who are assaulted by it.

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