Why Aren’t All Government Messages, Phone Calls and Emails Public Record?

Enough of this fucking bullshit. They can spy on all of us but when it comes time for us to want answers it’s all a big fucking secret.

Fast and Furious, Solyndra Solar Funding, Benghazi, IRS Scandals.. the list goes on and on.. a god damn President uses EOs to keep his fucking College records “hidden” along with releasing an illegitimate birth certification?

Yet we the people don’t get any privacy if they so deem it.

When they commit crimes they don’t go to jail they leave office after making good money and great pensions and making their friends rich.

Susan Rice played decoy during an election… she is now rewarded for it. And nobody blames her for lying because the president told her to?

There just to many things wrong with not only this administration but how big and intruding our Government has become in general.

Looking back at Iraq I now realize it was a huge transfer of wealth.. the Contractors.. particularly Military are the ones that got all the money, most the soldiers got the worst of it and the American people flipped the bill… no consequences for this BS years later? when every country in that region is going through the same shit? Would Romney committed to full out war by now? Absolutely.

This ridiculous double standard should out rage every tax paying American. The fact you struggle while career politicians and Presidents live off you and abuse you and your money… and now we are in the Era of if you don’t agree with the White House you get persecuted…

There was a similar theme here… it was called the SS and they wen’t after anti-workers party. Same exact shit is going on now. They will control your healthcare, they persecute your businesses, they listen in on your calls and demand you give them money so they can live like royalty.

Enough is enough. Full disclosure on everything. Then there can be some honor.. and leaders doing what is right not what is good for their friends and pocket books.

original source by Anonymous Coward 22959707