Physical and Non-Physical Reality – You Exist in Both.

For many of us, we are locked into the idea of a Physical reality where matter makes up the Universe and given this is what our senses tells us to believe, it is the inherent belief we all share.

The truth is, we come into this reality from a Non-Physical reality and this is what I would like to discuss and shine some light on.

How we experience both realities as part of a much larger reality system is explained simply by how we are focused. Right now, we are focused in physical reality which makes reading this post possible.

When we fall asleep, our focus changes and we start to experience non-physical reality as dreams and other mind-generated phenomena. Lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, near-death experience and drug induced states caused by entheogen such as DMT, Salvia, LSD, Mushrooms can shift our focus so that we can see more of this non-physical system.

The early Gnostic’s were aware of this to a degree and they describe this reality as a spiritual prison created by an evil Demigurge that has made us drink the waters of forgetfulness to trap us here.

Although I cannot entirely support this idea, Gnostics do have some very valid points that I do support. From my non-gnostic perspective, the understanding and wisdom that comes from emerging from this non-physical system into our current physical reality is well known to me as I remember existing before this lifetime.

What I remember of this, gives some insights into how we emerge from that locality into this one. In many ways, we arrive at an Entry Station to the Earth Life Experience like a video game player coming to a new virtual reality game and pick attributes, a point of entry in Earth’s historical database and then are slotted into our avatar so that we can be focused into this reality for the purpose of having an experience.

Robert A. Monroe is one of the very few people who I feel strongly in supporting as his exploration and experiences with this Entry Station and non-physical system confirm similarly what I have observed.

Each of us had to, at one point in our larger continuum as an evolving consciousness, and sentience enter into Earth through this entry station to become a human. And to play this game, we needed to forget that we once were a continuum of a much larger self.

This again is reflected in early Gnostics with their analogy of each of us being a two-part being, the Daїmon and the Eidolon. It is the Eidolon that drinks from the waters of forgetfulness and becomes the incarnated Human.

The Daїmon is who we once were, the larger system which the Gnostics look at as the one God which we are all a part of. New Age religions call it the higher-self, Christians call it God, Muslims call it Allah, how ever we describe it, it’s the part of us which reflects oneness between all the Eidolon parts that inhabit this human experience.

Keep in mind, I am not Gnostic just cherry picking what I like about that belief-system based on my own observations that we do indeed exist in a two-part state between the part of us which experiences this current human life, and are focused into physical reality. And the other part of us which resides entirely in non-physical reality and until you get to know yourself, it would seem god-like or alien to what you are when you are locked into this current personality.

Bill Hicks, a comedian who passed away from Cancer famously joked, “We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively”, a revelation he had when he did a heavy dose of magic mushrooms. Many people who take enthegeons have similar observations.

For myself, it was deeper rooted in the fact I simply remembered in my childhood passing through the entry station to become the person I am today. Further exploring this material has taught me some lessons so valuable that it could change the way each of us would look at each other if we only knew the truth, that we are all literally this one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively as Bill Hicks so famously noted.

What are the implications of this? Well, it’s very profound and many of you have probably read the story, “The Egg” by Andy Weir who at the time wrote the store as a piece of fiction only to stumble into something that is more fact than fantasy.

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In his story, a person is meeting with God finding out they have to reincarnate into every human on the planet before they can be free because when they do they become God. It is not entirely how things work, but it’s very close.

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The Nag Hammadi scroll “The Thunder, Perfect Mind” again reveals this God who is everything similar to what the Bible today reveals as God being the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. Read that along with the Egg to see the similarities.

Where do the implications become obvious to you? If we think in the context of our single lifetime, we won’t see the entangled nature of what we really are threaded throughout Earth’s historical timeline past, present and future.

We won’t see that the soldier we kill on the field, or the child we torture, or the person’s head we cut off is really God, it is really ourselves, me, you and everyone. From the little world view of our subjective self, it’s not clear just how deep we are all connected. That is the implication.

That is why it is important to know this as fact, not fiction. That we are not just a single entity in one lifetime, but a single entity in all lifetimes. That’s a huge spiritual evolutionary realization, and probably one of the most fundamental revelations to really knowing yourself and what you are.

Although we may not want to believe that the head we cut off is our own, with a little world view, and being in this darkness it’s not until we begin to see the bigger picture and see how we are connected through this universal oneness that it can become apparent.

So what is my angle and point of view on this, how do I know this as a truth, and not a work of fiction? This again stems from my current incarnation into this life. I can assure you at the time I did not want to come back willingly and being forced back from that locality created enough emotional charge to lock in the past-life and pre-life memories that allowed me to explore and see this bigger picture.

In the end, all I could realize was that my life was no less than a cell in a body of a much larger system, a part of a whole. Yet, this part also contained the whole and we were and always have been one.

Which brings us back to physical reality, what it is and what it is not. This is a school, a training ground where we are learning to love ourselves, but not as just the person reflecting in the mirror, but as all the selves that we are walking on the Earth.

This process of learning can take lifetimes but it seems clear to me now, that it is the primary goal of what Earth represents, a challenge to ourselves to become one, and love each other in the way many love only God, or their child or themselves. We need love because without it we cannot become one once again, we will exist in separation until we can reconnect, forgive and understand what we truly are.

What is physical and non-physical reality, it is you.

Hope this helps you on your own journey into oneness.